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Lucruri comice pe care nu le stiai despre cafea
January 18, 2017
May 15, 2017
In the cup this is a super interesting coffee: Juicy Fruit bubblegum mixed with tropical fruits, raw cane sugar and kumquat! Definitely not your typical Yirg!

This beautifully delicious natural Yirgacheffe shows the diversity of this amazing region, which holds some of the oldest plant stock in the world.

Buying from Ethiopia continues to be a challenge for us, but the cupping table continues to show us some amazing Ethiopian coffees. However, buying through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange is still difficult. If you require some traceability or backstory with the coffees, you have to become a detective … it’s a good job I’m becoming quite good at spotting the clues!

This coffee comes from around 600 smallholders who have approximately two hectares of land each. The coffee cherries are handpicked, and the coffee’s grown at around 1,850–1,950 metres above sea level. These smallholders then sell the freshly-picked cherries to the Chelelektu mill.

Ripe cherries are delivered to the mill. Once there, they are graded, and then they’re placed onto raised drying beds in thin layers and turned every 2–3 hours in the first few days, to avoid over-fermentation and mould growth; 4–6 weeks later (depending on weather and temperature) the beans are dehulled before being transported to Addis in parchment, and are then milled prior to shipping.

In the cup this is a super interesting coffee: Juicy Fruit bubblegum mixed with tropical fruitsraw cane sugar and kumquat! Definitely not your typical Yirg!

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Region: Yirgacheffe
Area: Kochere zone
  • Nearest town: Chelelektu
  • Mill: Chelelektu
  • Varietal: Wild
Processing method: Sun Dried Natural
  • Altitude: 1,850–1,950 m.a.s.l.
  • Producers: 650 farmers – smallholders with approximately two hectares each
  • Soil: pH 5.2–6.2, red brown, depth of over 1.5 m
  • Rainfall: 1,910 mm per year; eight months rainy, and three-to-four months dry


Clean cup: (1–8): 6
Sweetness: (1–8): 8
Acidity: (1–8): 7
Mouthfeel: (1–8): 6
Flavour: (1–8): 8
Aftertaste: (1–8): 6
Balance: (1–8): 6
Overall: (1–8): 8
Correction:(+36): +36

Total: (max. 100): 91